Mets Public Record

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by Mets Public Record

 - Sat, Aug 29 2009

After a two week layoff, Anthony C. Wayne and Tommy Romero are at it again with their latest installment of Mets Public Record. Upon hearing the disheartening news concerning left-handers Johan Santana and Oliver Perez, Romero and Wayne are forced to quibble about the Mets mounting misfortunes this season. Former Mets closer Billy Wagner becomes the newest member of the Red Sox Nation via a trade and manager Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya receive another vote of confidence solidifying their respective positions with the Mets ball club.


Mets Play the Role of Spoiler keeps pace by exploring the heyday of the ’69 Miracle Mets. Johnny C, a fan-favorite of the show, brings us back to a time when the city of New York rallied around the NY Mets to fill the void left from the departure of the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers. A self-proclaimed Giants fan, Johnny C was able to stick it to the kids in the neighborhood who followed the Bronx Bombers when the Giants won the World Series in 1954, sweeping the Cleveland Indians in four games. We then have the pleasure of listening to John S, another long-time Mets fan, who injects his own brand of enthusiasm while reminiscing about the 1969 NY Mets and other successful Mets seasons of the past.


The show takes on a life of its own when Anthony C. Wayne is derailed from all the unexpected high jinks caused by his previous two guests. Fortunately this week’s Higher or Lower goes off without a hitch. Romero feels confident in Mets pitcher Tim Redding outdueling southpaw Pat Misch and decides that Oliver Perez’ injury is more disconcerting than the trials and tribulations of veteran Gary Sheffield.


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Let’s Go Mets!

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