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Join Stephen and Steve to view the world, current events, and the future through a metaphysical lens.

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In light of the new disclosures regarding CIA brutality, torture and human rights abuses Stephen & Steve pose the lamentably-necessary question: Is the fact that our law enforcement apparatus seems to have decided to kill us with impunity... more

After Vladimir Putin's bold statements regarding the Ukraine Stephen and Steve discuss the future of Russia and Eastern Europe -- and by extension, America.

Join us as we get back to basic on some long-forgotten concepts. There's a difference between astrology that works, and astrology that works only marginally. The astrology we use is harder and more complex, but it's worth getting to... more

Princess Diana's death offers students of astrology vast opportunities for understanding how astrological morbidity is indicated. In this installment of Metaphysical Media, Stephen & Steve comb through the various lethal omens in... more

Stephen & Steve discuss the spiritual laws that make Tarot, astrology and other esoteric doctrines so effective. They discuss the nature of God and Satan and the pervasiveness (or lack thereof) of free will. Practical spirituality remains the focus... more

The faceless cabal of hactivists and Internet bandits known as Anonymous possesses the power to bring websites to their knees, and it poses a quandary to the modern world: should we tolerate Anonymous or not? Is there a question... more

Happy Halloween, everyone! In honor of everyone's favorite monster Stephen & Steve discuss the birth chart of Dracula, the Lord of the Night. Who, they believe, was actually born during the day. But no matter -- you will not want to miss this... more

Join us as we use the powers of horary astrology to delve into today's most pressing mysteries. The McStay family -- trendy, attractive, upwardly mobile -- vanished for several years until they were found buried in the California desert... more

Join us as we use hermetic and medieval astrology techniques to explore the birth figures of President Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

North America will fall under the path of a partial Solar Eclipse on October 23rd, 2014. What does this mean, astrologically? Eclipses are among the oldest predictive devices known to man -- they are also among the most powerful. Used... more