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Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres

Metaphysical Hors D'oeuvres


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This show by John Warren and Ellen Hartwell (ellenhartwell.com) will briefly delve into the power within us to know Spirit, to use Spirit to manifest!

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We all know what a "Casper Milk Toast" is, correct? Good ole Casper is a weak, person who cannot make up his or her mind and let's life pass them by as they grumble and complain and whine! Nothing is ever Casper's responsibility - it is always someone or something else's fault that this or that catastrophe has come into his or her life! Casper doesn't know the meaning of authoritative! Be clear, be firm, be certain as you make your affirmations. "I am a person who ________!" not "Well, it would be nice if but, well, maybe that or this, I mean if it's ok and all of that." Look at the word authoritative. There is an important word within that word - "author". YOU author your life! Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell today as they discuss the magic of being authoritative in one's affirmations!
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