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A blending of Christian Metal and God's Word! I, Minister Andrew showcase the ability to spread God's word through the sound of Metal!

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Continuing my discussion on open theism, I'll review the debate between Bob Enyart and James White! Have questions? Comments? Call in! Find the debate here:

Tonight, in my return to the air waves, we'll discuss an old heresy in new skin. Open Theism, once known as Socinianism, has reemerged. I'll discuss it's roots and it's heresies. You WILL be shocked!

Tonight, I will be reading a short sermon I wrote for a thread on

Tonight I bring up an idea posited as biblical fact that Adam was an ape God gave a soul which is in direct contradiction to the Genesis account.

Tonight I will be reading a passage from Romans that speaks volumes to the state if our world, and shows that Jesus is returning soon!

Tonight, after a rather heated discussion with an evolutionist, I will tackle some of the myths and evidences against evolution!

Always remember blessed are those who hear these words! Christ's message can be heard in joyful noise, so metal is no different!

Tonight, after a brief hiatus, I will return to continue our reading of Revelations! Beware my brothers and sisters, the end times draw nigh!

Tonight, I will discuss a recent article, and the comments to as an LGBT website attacks Rick Santorum and the Christian faith! ?Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my... more

Today, I'll read from revelations and play one of my all time favorite bands, Gwen Stacy! Most folks start at Genisis, at the beggining, but the end times draw near my friends! We need to see God's final decree so we may better... more