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Message In A Box


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We live in Strange Times where people are being deceived on a grand scale. The deception is so big and people live their lives so close to it they cannot see it. The only way you see Truth is if you step back and you become an INDIVIDUAL letting go of all your loyalty to a faith a religion or political cause..... You have to step backwards into the light that illuminates the TRUTH!.... The Politicised Religions and the Political Factions/Party’s only tell you the truth that fits their agenda..... When you step back as an 'INDIVIDUAL' you can see things more clearly, and then you start to ask yourself questions that reveal the TRUTH!.... Questions such as: 1 - Who gains by America being flooded with Mexican immigrants?..... My opinion as an 'INDIVIDUAL' is The Vatican/Old Europe/The Conglomerates gain by the immigration of low paid Catholic workers/voters....... 2 - How did World Trade Centre Building 7 Fall Down/Come Down?...... I have watched films of it coming down, and my opinion as an 'INDIVIDUAL' is it was demolished in a professional manner......................... Email messageinaboxradioshow@googlemail.com

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Dumb Americans cannot see that Congressman Joe Barton is just a 'Sad Slave' of the Oil and Gas and Energy Lobby! BP will pay their share of the cleanup BUT will their US partners Pay Their Share?

ClusterF**K America!….. Dumb Americans just follow the rabble rousers as America dies on the vine around them…… Dumb Americans cannot even see that the film Avatar is showing them their next big wars are in Nigeria... more

Its All Going To Fall Apart Soon! Are You Ready?

Has The Vatican Left Its Grubby Paw Prints All Over President Obama's State Of The Union Speech? Biden Was Smiling So Yes I Think They Have! - Listen through to the end where i play the section of the State Of The Union speech... more

Show 006 - I will talk about Catholic Power in Canada and how The Catholic Vatican has established a Corrupt Parisitic entity that has sexually abused and murdered Children & Got Away With It!!! LISTEN To The Song & What I Have... more

Show 004 - Tiger Woods - The Vatican - and The IRA Terrorist/Killers/Bombers/Murder‘s…. I Will Talk About What Connects These 3 Seemingly Different Subjects.

Show 003 - America’s war in Iraq, The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbour, and Madam Butterfly The Opera - I Will Talk About What Connects These 3 Seemingly Different Subjects. ( Slight Pause @ Start BUT Stick With It As It All... more

Show 002 - TRUTH - How Do You Define The Truth? Do You Let Others Tell You The Truth or Do You Seek Out The Truth For Yourself.... STICK WITH IT! There are a few pause's but the show is worth hearing right through....

Show 001 - Fort Hood Killings - Just life/events being balanced out.
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