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RealTalkRadio... Discussing issues revolving around life with a no holds barred type of appeal. So many people are afraid to say what they really want to say for fear of losing out on something or someone.. Here, you do not have to fear being judged for how you feel about any topic chosen to be discussed. The reason I chose entertainment is because this is for entertainment purposes only! Opinions stated here are not necessarily held, by the Host (me), even if I say it.. I sometimes say things for shock value and to get heated debates going... I am an air personality, I am controversial, I am passionate, I am funny, and I have empathy as well, so I might get on topics that might pull on a few heartstrings, however, at all times, this show is ENTERTAINMENT! I love to push the envelope that is why this is for mature audiences only... I prefer people 21 and older...If you can't buy a drink, I doubt you should be here. I can get pretty raunchy and use my potty mouth at will... Shit happens! LOL... Anywhoooo, I would love for you to stop by.. sit back, kick back and relax...feel free to chime in, I embrace open discussions, yet sometimes I would like to get things off my chest, then open up the lines for feed-back... My show has a natural flow and vibe, nothing is set in stone and topics can changed at any moment based on the energy and vibe. When you come here feel free, have no fear and express yourself with all due respect... The KEY and ULTIMATE RULE IS: RESPECT EVERYONE AND EVERYONE WILL BE RESPECTED... DO NOT CROSS THE RESPECT LINE! ALL LOVE HERE! Lastly, Enjoy! Your Host, HG A.K.A Mercuree

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I have no clue as to what happened to my 90th show... I probably deleted it by accident.. I was messing around over here... so anywhooo.. Come back tonight for a recap of Saturday... where I discussed the Occupy Wall Street spectacle... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the usual!! Remaining Fear Free is the way to b. Took a few days off due 2 money moves.. U can dig that. Fumi was to b on but she is no longer part of the show... So it'll just b me... SuperBowl... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear and HATE!!! We must talk hate... Due to the fact that my x-husbands psycho girl "the michelin" bitch reported my blogtalkradio show... So because of that I was suspended for 30 days.. So I will b discussing... more

Weighing in on Operation No Fear as per the usual... Always living fear free b/c that is the only way to b. Hard job but somebodies gotta do it!!! Now back to my nonsensical rambling.. I heard a lil duck tell another duck that told another duck... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the usual... u already know still fear free!!! Teena Marie passed away a few days ago n her sleep...so we'll b getting n2 the facts of her life and career.... Also wanted to talk about a few... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the usual... U already know fear free forever and always... Want to discuss the facts as we have become so accustomed to hearing now for these past two weeks... Great! I love it too...... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the usual! Still living Fear Free, still getting better everyday... Gots tah talk about Cipha Sounds again... People think I am sticking up 4 him... Guess they r missing my point... He got fired!... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the Usual!!! Still living fear free no matter what! Want to discuss the rally going on for Cipha Sounds to get fired for his tasteless joke... I mean so many people need to b fired then... I am going... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the Usual... and of course the Fear Free life I live daily!!! yea! Also will b weighing n on fake ass bitches from high school that I had to blast on FB today... and I want to get n2 this tasteless joke that... more

Weighing n on Operation No Fear as per the Usual!!! Also, u already know...still living fear free!!! Keeping the faith! As always Fumi will b n the building!!!! We r going to talk facts as I been doing... rounding the 2 weeks of facts off... but... more