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Just Merch and his incoherent, yet humorous ramblings about whatever crosses the minds of the curious... This is a new experience for me and I have always wanted to be able to host a radio show where I could just opinionate my own twisted outlook on anything and everything. All in all, it's a work in progress, but I'm sure as time goes by, I might just suck a little less each time! Just FYI, nobody is safe from us... Obama, Bin Laden, my grandmother, even Jesus... are all perpetual targets once the shenanigans start! We're here to have fun and make light of the world so if this offends you, you might wanna go check out the Bible Thumper Network instead haha!!

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Well here we go with Episode 57. We will be talking about the Myans and a range of other things. We also have a Post Mayan Apocalypse show scheduled imediately after this show. Hopefully we wil be around to do that one..

In this episode we talk about a couple stories that we ran across this week in the news. This needs to be brought to peoples attention and this totally pisses us off.

In this episode Jimmy and Brad are officially back. We will be talking about a few things in this episode so tune in.

MERCH RADIO is back bitches! So, first things first... We gotta make sure we got all the bugs worked out and whatnot. Join us tonight at your leisure as we have our first sound check.

Here we are guys and gals, back doing what we do best... whatever that is... This episode will entail us getting caught up with everyone and throwing down a few jokes in between.

With all the zombie movies out there perpetrating the mass outbreak of flesh eating mutants, it has gotten us to wondering... how would we react to a real life case of the living dead?! Tonight, we're going to discuss survival techniques... more

Yesterday was September 11th and as we all know, it was a day of rememberance. Our country took one helluva punch in the face, but we have stood proudly and showed off our black eye to the world as a reminder that... more

In this episode Brad is "hopefully" officially back in the saddle with Jimmy and John. Tonight's episode we catch up a bit with Brad and take a few call.

We are back for our BIG 50th episode. You have asked for it and here we go with it. This episode is going to be a laid back show but of course if you have listened in the past you NEVER know what you will hear on MERCH Radio
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