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Enter into the Men's Room. This is a safe and private place to release spiritual and emotional toxins which contaminate the souls of men.

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There is a Michael Brown in every city and town in America. Are many officers practicing standards of decency and respect for its citizens, or are they abusing the badge that they are expected to uphold? Join Zion and the motivational... more

Reality shows have become the hottest and most sought after programs among Hollywood producers and studios. However, does it have a positive effect on our minds or negative? Join Zion and in studio motivational therapist Titus Broom... more

Last Tuesday we gave you an appetizer. Today at 6pm we are serving you an entree from the menu of relationships. Join Zion the minister of information and motivational therapist Titus Broom as they discuss part 2 of: Can 1 Man be... more

In today's Reality TV era cheating is as common as a cold. Creeping has become a rights of passage for many men and women. What are we looking for? Do we even know how to maintain it once we get it? Join Zion; the minister of... more

Why do so many people frustrate themselves by staying in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship? The only person that we can change is oursleves. So why do so many men continue to chase after the wrong chicks while walking by... more

In the midst of media sensationalism and propaganda we can not hide the fact that we are losing too many young lives in the street. Mothers and fathers are wearing too many black outfits at funerals that should have never taken place.... more

Many men are caught in a vicious cycle of role playing. We often act out what our; neighborhoods, society, statistics, experiences, and the media suggests. Who and what we are has more to do with what we honestly see and believe within... more

There are many issues of pain, abandonment, and rejection, that are carefully hidden behind "status symbols". However, the reality of the brokenness and ancient damage is still there. Like ceam it will always surface to the top. Tonight... more

Our youth are slowly becoming a nation of hopeless wanderers through the wilderness of life. The understanding of True Manhood is a foreign language to many young men. The systems of America (judicial system, prison system, child... more

The media is filled with facts and information about dead beat dads. However, we rarely discuss how to collectively raise our boys to be men of; honor, independent thinkers, and in pursuit of purpose. Many young men are filled with; anger, pain,... more