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(For Personal issues. We will be off the air live till Dec 1st) Welcome to The Men Empowered Radio Show. We are Ministry, and Information with your host radio personality Brother Malachi invites you to join in on the Conversation. We are the talkshow with a Mission. Thanks for your comments and input. Be Blessed as you listen. Visit our teaching on YouTube via scrib to Jewedup and Hebrew'Truth & Consequences... We are on a Mission first, to the Lost House of Israel, then to the Gentiles just as Paul from the tribe of Benjamin, to CHANGE OUR HOOD in HATTIESBURG & LAUREL, MS; GULFCOAST, MS, JACKSON, MS, MOBILE, AL; NEW ORLEANS, LA and Coming Soon to the rest of North & South America and The World . show call-in (347) 205-9279 Be on the Look out for a Life Changing Seminar coming to your city. Our Office Number is(504)484-9388 Some Topics We Discuss~ Family Matters, Fatherhood, Business Networking and Planning, Goal Setting, Politics, Hebrew Israelite, and Positive Life-Changing Music, Books and Author Interviews, A Healthy Body, Physical and Verbal Abuse, Right and Wrong Thinking, Men and Women Relationships, Hebrew Topics and much much more..... All Musical Guest and Guest Speakers info. can be found below under show page. Please Support Our Guest (Please note: we are still growing and learning in the word. From time to time you may hear our Guest speak another name of The Father and Son, Men-Empowered has studied and found from the Hebrew text the name of The Most High is AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH and The Savior( YASHAYA) We also have found that the so-called Negroes in North America are from the Lost Tribe of Israel and the lead tribe JUDAH-(African Americans). There are 12 Tribes of Israel. ASHER-(Argentineans, Brazilians, Central and South Americans), BENJAMIN-(Jamaicans, West Indies), GAD-(North American Indians), ISSACHAR-(Mexicans), LEVI-(Haitians), MANNASEH-(Cubans), EPHRAIM-(Puerto Ricans), NAPHTALI(Hawaiians/Pacific Islander
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