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Interviews with experts and experiencers of UFO and paranormal phenomena

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We interview Ron Stone, one of our favorite guests on Night Search. This time he has an amazing report on the cryptids he has been investigating. He will talk about the pre-historic dinosaur bird of prey (pteradactle [sp?]) 19 of which he... more

We interview Rick Lipani about his adventures with the HDR (Hyper-dimensional Resonator). Rick uses this device to travel interdimensionally and to visit his deceased wife in the Afterlife World. He also uses it to effect healings of all... more

We interview Nancy Lieder on the very latest updates from the Zetas on the Earth Changes and Planet X. This one should be a wild ride indeed!

We have the Poker Astrologer Bill Walker back on to give a live demonstration of his way of interpreting an Astrological chart by discussing my and my co-host David Day's charts. Bill will also take call-ins on any quesitons pertaining to his... more

We will be interviewing Bill Walker an expert Astrologer about Mercury Retrograde which we have just entered into. And we will also have him discuss what he sees important on the world horizon from an Astrological perspective.... more

We will be interviewing the son of the family who experienced the Amityville Horror. He has a lot to say the set the story straight.

Stepping out of the Lourve into a Paranormal Groove David Day, co-host of Night Search, has just returned from Paris, France where he had a most remarkable paranormal experience just as he exited the Lourve. Day says he was really... more

We interview Paul Hellyer former Minister of Defense of Canada about his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon.