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Mels Hot Button Thoughts

Mels Hot Button Thoughts


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A Conservative show that focuses on the everyday issues that we face in America. With an emphasis on "Common Sense America," Mel's Hot Button Thoughts seeks to open the door of discussion on issues that impact the average American citizen. Welcome to....my thoughts!!!!

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Apparently the "tough talking" President didn't take long to break out of his promise of compromise with the new congress coming in January of 2015. One of the most talked about, but least corrected, problems in America for the... more

Last week, I called out a black progressive who alleged that Conservatives, like me, who are black, do not believe in black self-determination. Pointing out the focus of conservatism is centered on self-determination, I compared and... more

Earlier this week, some liberal minded person took the initiative to state that I, being a Conservative Christian, lack the belief in black self determination. Initially I was taken off guard by the statement, because after all, the Conservative... more

What's up Hot Button Family! In the midst of Gay Pride Parades popping up throughout the country this week, I am noticing that they are as 'race thirsty' to post a "black face" in their picture as a Tea Party Rally (Not knocking the Tea... more

After listening to CSPAN about job creation, I decided to put this show together to discuss a common sense response to the people who are blaming one side, or the other side for the reason that Americans are going to work less frequently.... more

The Hot Button issue for the page this week involved the botched execution of Clayton Lockett, an inmate in Oklahoma. Lockett was convicted in the following crime against 19 year-old Stephanie Nieman: Robbery, Kidnap, Rape,... more

After observing the racial tone of discussion on the page this week, I want to dive deeper into the discussion regarding the following: 1. Should any party make promises to a particular race? 2. Should any race ever sell their vote to any... more

Folks, This Sunday @ 7pm Est, I am going to host a show dedicated to touching the issues surrounding the behavior of our teenage youth. Many groups and organization have a way of changing data and stastics in order to shield the... more

I want you to imagine being asleep in your home, in your bedroom, with your wife at your side. This is the home that you pay for, you work to maintain, and you take pride in controlling what happens in your home. I want you to... more

"If I had a daughter, she would look like Condi"-Mel Since I do have a daughter, one of the women that I believe my daughter should look towards as an example of a woman in leadership, is former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. Dr.... more