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Gay Ain't the New Black: Using Black America to Force Acceptance

  • Broadcast in Politics
Mels Hot Button Thoughts

Mels Hot Button Thoughts


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What's up Hot Button Family!

In the midst of Gay Pride Parades popping up throughout the country this week, I am noticing that they are as 'race thirsty' to post a "black face" in their picture as a Tea Party Rally (Not knocking the Tea Party, just saying some do this...) to present a perception that the struggle is most impacted by blacks, because black Americans have been the poster child in the country for oppression and struggle.

With a throwing "$#%^ at the wall, and seeing what sticks" mentality, the gay agenda has intentionally pushed the black male into the forefront of their cause, in order to gain sympathy for their push for acceptance. Once again, black America is being played!

On today's show I will discuss the following:

1. Why Jason Collins and Michal Sams and not Cheryl Swoops and Brittney Griner 

2. The Infection of Homosexuality in Gospel Music (When did it become wrong to declare your deliverance from homosexuality?)

3. Selling out the Civil Rights Legacy for political loyalty 

4. Sexual Preference vs. Racial Genetics

In no way do I bash or look down upon those who struggle with homosexuality, my intention is to solely call out those "yard jockeys" who have willingly loaned themselves and their support to pushing acceptance for a sexual lifestyle at the cost of the legacy of blacks and civil rights. 

Trust and believe, this is a show you do not want to miss!!!