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This question was posed by "J" and he really wants honest feedback about this....Listen in! Thanks to everyone who have called/texted, e-mailed and inboxed me with topics...You are AWESOME!! Noah Wilson is the winner of this... more

Pyramids have evolved since they began. Pyramids, also known as M.L.M. (multi-level marketing) now offers products and services such as cell phones, energy, coffee, etc...My question is...Listen in. You can make your comment in... more

You have HAD IT!! You are a single parent and your fifteen/sixteen year old SON has violated every rule and the problem keeps getting worse! You feel like you NEED to send a message, so you do what some call the UNTHINKABLE... To... more

Ladies and Gents, We have a NEW segment entitled "What Do You Think?" Every week we will talk about a subject and YOU will tell me your thoughts. You can go to Media Blast OR Meloni's Matters on FB and put your comments... more

Great shows coming your way!! Just to name a few: Special education Better Detriot Movement (Baltimore Division) Addiction

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS SHOW so you can receive notifications about new upcoming shows. Dr. Aker-Black has been instrumental in bringing to surface some of the topics that we do NOT want to talk about. With a Ph.D. in... more

I grew up on Salt & Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Cool Moe D, Slick Rick and other rap pioneers. Today's rap is NOT the what happened? Join the conversation as Nycolai and hostess Meloni exlpore this controversial subject.

Author Jerome Waters Jr., is a born and bred Annapolitan whose gone from the streets to the confines of the federal penitentiary system and emerges to tell a story, his-story one of ups, downs and a raw & uncut reality most of us refuse to... more

If you cannot come to the studio for the LIVE recording of this show, call 646.200.4679 at 2pm EST. Claim every penny you are supposed to have...don't miss this FREE information! Remember, if you come to the studio, the wine... more