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Creating Your Ideal Life

Creating Your Ideal Life


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Coming from difficult circumstances, Melissa began studying personal development and finances at the age of 24. She is especially passionate about learning the behavior and habits behind financial decisions that people make. Along with the ability to explain complex financial topics, she is inspired to teach basic money principles and make it available to those who otherwise would not have access to it.

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Years ago, I've wondered what made people successful. Since then I've been studying them and trying to copy their habits. Come to find out, it's extremely exhausting trying to be successful, especially the sleep you would need to... more

We've all heard the rags to riches stories and quite honestly, when reading them, we try to find holes in their stories to validate our excuses for not achieveing all we are meant to be: "Oh well, he had a loan." or "She already had incredible... more

I feel extremely passionate about entrepreneurship because of the simple fact that you can create your own wealth. It is entirely up to you how much you want to get paid, depending on the work you put in. See at a job, someone else determines... more

There are a million ways to make money other than having a job. How do I know this? Because there are a million problems out there that needs to be solved. Having the skill of problem solving isn't just for 5th grade math problems, it's... more

You mean well. This year, you'll do better, you told yourself. You planned as much as you can to make sure you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT spend too much again. Not this year. But for some reason, there's that impromptu party, the last minute... more

Since I've started studying the wealthy and successful people years ago, I noticed that they share ONE common factor among themselves. Since then, I've spent years (and still am) developing that ONE trait that will help me to become... more

Nothing is impossible! Today we will discuss what it took for one guy to go from broke to making six figures in six months!

They talk about finding your passion, do work you love, love what you do, etc. But what if you just...don't know what you're passionate about? As a grown up, our curiousity and wonder has kind of died as we realize that the real world is all... more

What if you stopped working today? Does that mean your income stops, as well? For most of us, yes, that is the case. But what if you could set up a "money machine" where if an unfortunate circumstance where to happen (laid off,... more