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The Megamazing shows are produced to empower listeners as they have fun and hear great music, poetry, etc. Each episode has a different focus but the primary themes are to empower Africans, African-Americans, Blacks, Indigeous and Native people in lands that have been colonized by foreign hostile powers, etc. We play the music, the interviews, the feedback of these communities and encourage you to spread the word about the shows. Man crises are faced by black, brown and native people globally including (depending on the region and the powers that be) homelessness, genocide, starvation, gang violence, failed schools, failed hospitals, failed political and financial systems, self-hate, complacency, worst foods at highest prices, lack of control of their own non-profit and NGO sectors, no control of their own music/dance/technological/artistic creations, lynchings, governments that target them so that said governments (working for elite rich families) can steal the gold, diamonds, bananas, etc of Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, etc. We ae providing CPR and First Aid to the Black and brown people of the world. We encourage people of any color, nationality, socio-economic level, that know the negative impact of the above challenges on Black and Brown people, to help build these shows and movements. SHOWS: Black Emergency Smart Kids College Etc. Thanks for giving us a moment of your time to read this document, but also the pending time you will take to listen and spread the word. Power to the people.

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ATTACK OF KILLER BEES: How to survive attacks communicated by silly humans These bees only have a bite if you allow them to distract you and if you have no understanding of logical fallacies, figures of speech, and blind... more


Show will be short/concise, yet prolific. I, Hotep Kenyatta, (pseudonym, I keep my legal name out of the media on certain issues.) will speak about the shows/hosts, etc that I've interacted with on blogtalk (this is but a sample of the hosts).... more

Totally insane, yet insightful show re: Hitler, Black Panthers, Jews, Gentiles, Pagan, Atheist, Jesus Christ, Sex, Humanity, Suicide and less critical discussion re BBQ CHicken, Rice & Beans and Liquor, Crack, Cocaine and Weed... more

THEY'RE KILLING DARK PEOPLE. Yes the same elite killers are killing some pink and anglo people also, but disporportionately they have their weapons set on KILL DARK PEOPLE and steal everything from the. There is a global war on... more

We often hear the term "Black people are great." This short episode will evaluate the term and help determine the validity of the common phrase.

They're Killing Black People (Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.) They face: Police brutality, last hired/first fired, AIDs, germ warfare, worst schools, lack of bank loans, terrible black politicians, Malaraia death, poorest... more

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Yet Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. Let's talk about this, and how it relates to police brutality, trans-atlantic slave trade, new world order, religion, politics!

BLACK EMERGENCY: This is a re-broadcast of one of our popular episodes. NO LIVE CALLS. Subjects covered: Racism, religious intolerance, etc.

BLACK EMERGENCY Black enslavers, White racism, Religion and the probable role in oppression and slavery.
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