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This is a place where we speak our TRUTH. No fillers. Decoding the matrix and uncovering the illusion. Bringing AWARENESS & CONSCIOUSNESS to you one episode at a time.

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Listen as we discussing the following: Foundation of religious beliefs and how they play a key role in everyday life Religion in school or the work place Religion as a business Origin of religion and more..

Coming to you on a new day TUESDAY!!!! We are going to be talking about the topics you choose. From Syria and other political topics, to child rearing or football. Call in and tell us what's on your mind. Everybody call in. Open Topic... more

Racism Colorism Sexism Audism We've all experienced an ism and no matter what side of the coin you are on, you are hurt by it or hurting someone else. Most problem with ism's is that we don't even realize we carry around the very... more

Join us as we discuss the ways in which this nation's justice system negatively and disproportionately affects black folks. Can we ever escape systemic racism? Why does race matter so much in the criminal justice system? What can we... more

Come kick it with Ilya and Quintan as we discuss all things Juneteenth. What is Juneteenth? Why do we celebrate?

Mental Health is a real issue within our community and it's finally time for us to stop hiding this fatal truth that killing us and especially our black women slowly and painfully. LET'S SHINE A LIGHT ON ALL THE THINGS WE HIDE IN THE... more

What is the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)? Why are corporations able to make so much money off of prisoners? Is it modern day slavery? How is this affecting our communities? Spread the word, join in and please please bring your input.... more

Episode One: Meeting Ilya and Taz. Who are we and what are we about? Also come join in on our discussion of consciousness. Are you conscious or part of a conscious movement?