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About youhttp://www.amazon.com/AWARD-WINNING-AUTHOR-MR.J/e/B003TMZK24/ E-MAIL: MRJCOMEDYWRITER@GMAIL.COM WEBSITE: OUTSKIRTSPRESS.COM/MEETMRJ facebook.com/mrjwriter booktour.com/author/34510 BOOK EXCERPT: Meet Mr. J, a mouth-breathing-barbaric-lousy-writer so self involved that he failed Astronomy 101 because he literally thought the world revolved around him. Someone once stole his identity but it was quickly returned . . . along with several others to choose from. Mr. J is writing a new book or as he called it "an Amish blog". It will probably have more unread pages than crack dealer's beeper during the 80's. Awards: Indie Print Press, Inc Book Awards (2011) Angie's Diary VIP Award (2011) Underground UK Publishing Book Awards (2011) Edit this post | Permalink Indie Interrogation: Mr. J By Lil Nubi Monday August 22, 2011 http://royalflushmagazine.com/2011/08/22/indie-interrogation-mr-j/ "Today we have an interview with the man, they myth, the legend Mr. J! No, not Mr. J from Americas Next Top Model, but the other Mr. J. Yeah, that's right...the author of "Amphigory Almanac: Hebetudinous Humour, Pedantic Prose, & Linguistic Levit: Meet Mr. J". I simply call it Meet Mr. J, its easier to remember and a hell of a lot easier to say. Let the fun begin, shall we? Who is Mr. J? I mean, does the J stand for something or do you prefer to remain anonymous? I understand if you don't want your celebrity status to interrupt your daily going-ons. -Mr.J is either the fake author of a real book or the real author of a fake book. -Broken down it's: Three syllable sounds, two lowercase letters, and one witty writer. -It's an acronym of "Mostly Ridiculous Jokes". -I don't need a pseudonym to keep me from being a famous face in the writer world, my lack of talent as an author has that covered. I'm so unrecognizable that even my driver's license photo is just a picture of a superimposed qu

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MR.J... means what??? M ust R ewrite J okes


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Alphabet Army: Mr.J, Mr.T, & Ms.A Co-Host

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MR.J BOOK REVIEWS July 17, 2010 AMPHIGORY ALMANAC ranked number 38 on AMAZON'S BESTSELLER HUMOR LIST. -Amazon.com's Author Achievement Amazon A-list Award Achieving Author, Mr.J is nominated by... more

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