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Midnight Meditation with CharLena

Midnight Meditation with CharLena


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Come with me as we explore relaxation through various forms of meditation. Included is a monthly guided tour by a guest meditation leader.

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Join CharLena this morning as we breathe and visualize our way into complete releasing of chaos of the day, week or weeks since we last came together. There are a number of things that relax me and I am getting better and better at... more

Speaking seems so easy to understand, until we remember that our tongues can be used as love or as a sword AND that those words don't necessarily have to be spoken out loud. There are many books on what you say or don't say to... more

Breathing is life and yet we overlook the process readily everyday by being in a rush. A rush to get here and there or a rush to finish stuff on your desk or while on the phone. All of that rush manipulates the breath that keeps us all alive. I... more

Today, I had an experience that I thought would be nice to share as a meditation. My singing group Voices In Unity sang at Riverside Church for One Spirit graduation. It was not the first time and probably won't be the last. We sang... more

The very best relationships have Love and Light running through them no matter the situation the couple might find themselves in. Whether they are having a good laugh with each other or whether they are in the throes of a fight. The light of the... more

As parents we learn about saying thank you as proper etiquette when we were little and during our formative year. We will then go into a rebellion during our teen age years and we sometimes become thankful for nothing because we believe... more

If you are experiencing stress on a daily basis, go to the mirror and look within your own eyes and see what you see there, Before you decide, allow time to really take in what you are seeing within your eyes, then allow yourself to access... more

When you awaken each morning what do you do? How do you choose what will happen during your day? Do you just go with the flow or do you decide its outcome and choose something different to occur? YOU CAN decide. YOU do... more

Our minds are inundated with SO much crap on a daily basis it's almost impossible to sift through all the stuff that comes in. Maybe you've even put aside what your true desires are in life. Don't do that. You are still in charge of... more

This life is a journey that at times you might find yourself not knowing exactly where you are or what you're doing. And just like a journey you invariably get back on track, but what about while you're lost, what helps you? Do you ask... more