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Big changes! Exciting new shows! After a two month period of travels,ceremonies, and preparation for the resurrection of our selves and our planet, our Ascended Masters Galan and Annique are ready to share with you this momentous period of Resurrection. Agawavanti our moment to find the comfort in releasing and deconstructing of the old is upon us. We are the wayshowers of humanity, stand strong in your beingness. Join us as we share with you our magnificent discoveries. New information coming in a new format changing as we release the obsolete allowing new Medicine to enter our being on Medicine Walk radio. With new exciting interviews,travels and guests. Follow us and check daily for special show times as we are traveling and doing interviews. Remember change is part of eternal fluid existence. ON THE AIR: MEDICINE WALK a 60 min show on metaphysics and spirituality direct from the cosmos for you. MEDICINE WOMAN Alchemy for healing on the spot with a live call in show with Alchemist Medicine woman Annique LMT,CT,Grand Master Belvaspata,CR,Mystic,Shaman PARTNERS OF DESTINY Here Galan and Annique share their journey of the opening of the heart and relationship. LIFE AS A MEDICINE WALK this is our newest show and topic on Permaculture and Sovereignty and sustainability. Dedicated to the practicum of a life of sovereignty. A JOURNEY each one of these is a cd of knowledge for your awakening and search for truth and personal growth on your journey. Enjoy them as they are a gift of the moment. FINANCIAL FREEDOM Your finances with an abundant belief changes your pocket book of life. The true abundant life revealed. Financial freedom is a gift to balancing your finances and achieving your dreams. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH healthful gifts from the true alchemists. Discover the fountain of youth. We invite you to a Medicine Walk- A Journey into wholeness. Through an inspired journey of perception into the self, Ascended Masters Annique and Galan of Gaia share wi

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If you thought you knew, well now you know you don't. Such a huge show today take it in pieces as the world around you is altered as you enter the inner worlds. Grab a hold and let our Ascended masters Galan and Annique show you some... more

Grab a blanket and pillow and get ready for a journey of lifetimes! In our show this day our hosts Galan of Gaia and Annique of Gaia share gifts of luminosity with you, taking you on a journey in a full circle of enlightenment and... more

Welcome to Medicine Walk radio Becoming Nomads of Infinity. Our beloved ascended masters Galan of Gaia and Annique of Gaia bring to you a new flavor of radio for this first 2015 live show. In our show we discuss topics such as... more

From the beginning, 'the Journey Home', is shared in these deep and profound radio shows. Discover the depth and breadth as each show is different, with more for you as you awaken the true nature of your being and discover these... more

In today's show our medicine woman Annique, takes us on a healing journey from the crippling pain we are all experiencing. From your emails and calls we respond with the tools of the moment called in by you to heal all our crippling pain.

A wave is coming and its a big one! Can you ride the wave of the Infinite? Yes, and with grace and gratitude with our Ascended Masters Annique and Galan. We share the ways to ride this intense wave of many dark emotions, and come out... more

Medicine Woman radio takes us surfing the waves of the moment with health tips to heal Candida. What is it ? How is it caused? and How to cure it in todays session with Rev. Annique... more

Welcome to Medicine Walk radio with your favorite hosts visionaire Galan of Gaia and cosmic love bearer Annique of Gaia. In today's show our hosts gift you with becoming the heart of Earth. Listen in and change the world. Join our family on... more

Get ready for a big one! This is the ride of the times as we learn how to ride the coming waves of Source. Our hosts Annique and Galan share the gift of the waves of Source. How is your ride? How do you best ride these coming waves.... more

Medicine Woman Annique shares her gifts of healing alchemy freely with you. Each week we start with a short meditation, and then we discuss different pathologies and receive gifts of alchemy to heal these topics. In this unique... more
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