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Medicine of Truth and Hope


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A Medicine of Truth and Hope is a radio show which brings you unbiased, powerful information about Integrative Healthcare solutions for reversing chronic medical and psychiatric conditions. Consumer empowerment about stepping around healthcare’s landmines is a mission of the show. Using the wrong kind of medicine for the wrong type of problem can waste money and/or be harmful or deadly. To refuse a conventional treatment such as an antibiotic for a life-threatening infection in favor of an herb can be just as deadly as using a drug (e.g., a poison) to merely cover up chronic medical/psychiatric symptoms which are better treated with nutritional supplements. A Medicine of Truth and Hope will show you how a disease management system’s fraudulent propaganda machines seek to trick you into believing that its mission is to make you well, when in fact its mission is to make you sicker and more dependent on drugs, big government and insurance schemes. Hear the truth to finally feel hopeful about your health potential.

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In Obama's recent speech, he suggested that the Republican's plan to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington would cause harm to children with autism as if he gives a hoot about big government's utter incompetence in providing care... more

This week we are delighted to have Dr. Tracy Freeman, MD, join us in our continuing discussion on Autism. As a physician and mother of a recovering autistic child, Dr. Freeman has immersed herself into the world of Autism... more

With the onset of National Autism Awareness Month, we are continuing our discussion on Autism and why you can’t take a textbook approach to treating it. This week we are delighted to have Dr. Thomas Myers, DC and Dr.... more

April is National Autism Awareness Month and the show will be dedicated to discussing this widespread and very complex condition. Scientific evidence has clearly indicated that Autism is far more prevalent than originally believed,... more

This week we are fortunate to have Dr. Karen Harding as our guest. Dr. Harding, her husband Dr. Richard Judah and Dr Gant co-authored a paper on AD/HD some years ago (Outcome-based comparison of Ritalin versus... more

This week's Medicine of Truth and Hope show will be focused on AD/HD. Donna will interview the Doc about his AD/HD research which has shown that natural, non-drug therapies for AD/HD work at least as well as dangerous and addictive... more

The first radio show will kick off with a bang and will feature Lyle Murphy, CEO of Alternative to Meds rehab in Sedona, Arizona (www.alternativetomedscenter.com). Into their inpatient program, they incorporate sauna therapies,... more

Inept treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the drugging of our noble warriors - our veterans - with addictive, brain-injurious chemicals, is an American tragedy. Prescription drug overdoses in the US far exceeds that of... more

Stan Stokes from Bridging The Gaps in Winchester, Virginia, will be our guest. BTG is one of the ONLY addiction recovery facilities on the East Coast that offers an integrative approach to treatment that addresses the physical, spiritual,... more

Tonight the show continues the discussion about opioids and this will segue into street drugs. Our guest will be master Acudetox Acupuncturist Dr. Kokayi Patterson who has provided treatment for decades and will explain why such... more
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