Blood on the Microphone

Blood on Microphone


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A right wing cabal of lawyers and their blogging lackeys are at war with those of us in the progressive blogosphere who attempt to keep the light of truth shining while exposing their efforts to defraud their own readers. They tried shutting down a left wing political activist using his previous conviction in the 1970s as a perceived weakness. They failed. Now, they have turned their sights on me. They are using the fact that I have suffered from Parkinson's disease for 13 years and can barely walk without assistance as MY perceived weakness. I face criminal charges for doing my job as a journalist in attempting to question one of these right wing blogger tools of theirs. If they silence me, nobody is safe. This show will not be used to lash out against the people who have brought these charges. I will do my talking to them in a court of law. This show will focus on the various issues involved in freedom of speech, the rights of both sides of the political spectrum to be heard. And I hope we'll have some fun along the way.
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