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Blood on the Microphone

Blood on Microphone


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A right wing cabal of lawyers and their blogging lackeys are at war with those of us in the progressive blogosphere who attempt to keep the light of truth shining while exposing their efforts to defraud their own readers. They tried shutting down a left wing political activist using his previous conviction in the 1970s as a perceived weakness. They failed. Now, they have turned their sights on me. They are using the fact that I have suffered from Parkinson's disease for 13 years and can barely walk without assistance as MY perceived weakness. I face criminal charges for doing my job as a journalist in attempting to question one of these right wing blogger tools of theirs. If they silence me, nobody is safe. This show will not be used to lash out against the people who have brought these charges. I will do my talking to them in a court of law. This show will focus on the various issues involved in freedom of speech, the rights of both sides of the political spectrum to be heard. And I hope we'll have some fun along the way.

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On today's thrilling adventure, the @LiberalGrouch flushes the right wing fools into the sewage where they belong. Starting with some faux "analyst" dredged up by Ali Akbar and given legitimacy by Patch.com -- a guy with over 21,000... more

When Former SC Governor Mark Sanford mentioned challenger Curtis Bostic's dismal attendance record as a member of the Charleston County Council at last night's GOP Primary Runoff debate, Bostic said he took all that time off to care... more

"Who hired Ali Akbar to work on the campaign website? Did YOU hire Ali Akbar to work on the campaign website? I certainly did not hire the little felon to work on the campaign website. Let's get Kerry Woods to say HE hired the little... more

Mama, say it isn't so! But that would explain why the top "minds" at Breitbart.com are supporting Former Governor and Appalachian Trail Hiker Mark Sanford, while the rank and file minions and menials like Ali Akbar and R. Stacy McCain... more

First, Blog Talk Radio refused to load the soundfiles I uploaded into my studio. Then, my Skype feed got hit by dozens of "wants to use your computer" requests. Finally, I got online and doled out spankings that were deserved! Help fight the... more

A special time for the live show on Monday, as I will be in Westminster, MD for the final time as a defendant as we take care of the last Peace Order filed against me. Then, we shift to offense, and we are in no mood to take prisoners. We will... more

Terribly sorry about missing the show yesterday. See, I was in court. It took two hours for the hapless Aaron Walker to present his feeble case against me. In the end, the judge laughed him out of court, denied his peace order, and sent him... more

The plotting and planning and SCHEMING continues. New charges fly. This time, I am charged with violation of a temporary peace order which dictates I may not threaten with violence, harass, communicate with or attempt to contact and... more

Freaky. The "Usual Suspects" go into full meltdown mode during the overnight hours on Tuesday morning. An urgent call for prayer, for "protection from enemies." A blog entry about "backstabbers and jealousy." Then... radio silence.... more

Finally, there's a CONSERVATIVE website that reports the news from a RIGHT WING point of view. There has been a DEARTH of conservative news sites, except for Red State, the Daily Caller, the Blaze, Twitchy, Michelle Malkin, The... more
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