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Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections


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Meaningful Connections' intention is to shed the light of consciousness on any situation that makes us unhappy. I do that by speaking with ordinary people about their life's experiences and the lessons learned from them. I emphasize on the ordinary nature of our guests because it reveals the innate wisdom in all of us.

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Last week I experienced a state of emptiness. I went silent. I had nothing to say. I still have nothing to say, nothing to talk about, but I'm daring to be surprised. Join me in my conversation about no-thing!

The greatest hurdles to my happiness have been self doubt, guilt and the need to self sacrifice for others. I unconsciously acquired these fear-based beliefs from my family and culture. It has taken me a great deal of awareness to see them for... more

Through logic and common sense, Daniel Parmeggiani, author of The Magnificent Truths of our Existance, proofs that happiness is accesible now to everybody. Without spiritual or academic credentials, he delivers a clear and powerful... more

In my own experience, the clearer I am, the better I can listen to my natural inner wisdom, but how do we become clearer? Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Andrea Romero, will share her knowledge about women's health, specifically around... more

Men throughout history have owned women to posses their beauty and wisdom as an exclusive jewel. By men drawing their sense of worthiness from the NEED TO BE NEEDED, and women from the NEED TO BE POSSESSED, love has... more

What if I live without a past and a future? What if I stop taking my thoughts and feelings seriously? What if my apparent errors are the only way for myself and others to embody happiness? What then, would be left to do? I recently... more

Where I come from, Venezuela, closing for lunch and taking a 3-month-summer-vacation is normal. We work to live instead of living to work. I admire the discipline and work ethic of the people in this country; but I wonder,... more

After concluding my last show, my 11-year-old son said: "you can use Minecraft (a video game) to stop worrying", and he proceeded to show me how I could create new worlds, fight the zombies at night, make my own house, flight across my... more

Have you heard the word surrender? Perhaps read it in a self help book or heard it in a yoga class? In a spiritual context, we surrender to God, to the highest self, to love, to Life; but in practical terms, how do we do that? Where is God, the... more
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