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Meaningful Connections' intention is to shed the light of consciousness on any situation that makes us unhappy. We do that by speaking with ordinary people about their life's experiences and the lessons learned from them. We emphasize on the ordinary nature of our guests because it reveals the innate wisdom in all of us.

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Cathrine Silver is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a private practice in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. She also holds a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Washington an is graduated from the... more

Greg is a tango DJ and dancer, writer, computer consultant, and university teacher. He recently moved from his hometown, New Jersey, to Florida, which gave him the opportunity to reinvent himself. This reinventing has inspired... more

Most life coaches and authors would agree that authenticity is the key to a fulfilled life; but in practical terms, what does this mean? When we have to make a decision, how do we respond authentically? 1. Knowing what I want: Throughout... more

Lynn Everard is an ordinary man who realized, after ending a 34-year-marriage, that the life he was used to for almost sixty years had to change. He began reading and learning about an invisible world that his mind wasn't aware of, and... more

I realized recently that this human experience is not about striving to have ?what I want?, but surrendering to get ?what I need?. WHAT I WANT is powered by the fire of ego. It's a wonderful force that allows me to create with my unique... more

American fine art and fashion photographer, Mark Drew, will share with us the experience of manifesting his summer trip to Paris. Because in this show we only talk about life's experiences, I waited until he got to Paris to record... more

Being comfortable with the unknown is about trust and faith. Trust that we are taken care of by something bigger, beyond our comprehension, and faith in how this isdone.

Robin Joy is a minimalistic artist whose life experiences have forced her to let go of her fears and trust Life. Her story is proof that the Universe is always on our side pushing us toward a more peaceful and joyful state of being When she... more

Anything that I don't admit to myself, my body stores, when it overflows, I get sick. That's exactly what happen to me last week when my hemmorhoids screamed for attention. My body couldn't take anymore my repressed feelings of resentment,... more

Talking to a new friend of mine about life circumstances and unexpected difficulties, we concluded that Life is more about allowing than doing. We noticed that when we finally surrendered, after exhausting all posibilities deviced by... more
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