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Meaningful Connections' intention is to shed the light of consciousness on any situation that makes us unhappy. I do that by speaking with ordinary people about their life's experiences and the lessons learned from them. I emphasize on the ordinary nature of our guests because it reveals the innate wisdom in all of us.

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Jennifer defines "awakening" as a terminal condition for which there is no outside cure. In fact, she writes, "seeking outside remedies might even retard the process. It is impossible to become what you already are. There's absolutely... more

Catherine Be has traveled to India, Europe, Indonesia and China perusing her studies of spiritual philosophies. Her influences are Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, Quantum Manifestation. She is a permaculturist, an... more

What if you had psychic abilities? Would you be afraid of letting anyone know about them? How many people can say they are intuitive but telling someone might be embarrassing or shocking to friends and family members? Coming Out... more

Divorcing my husband after 10 years of marriage, made me rethink the role of ego, the pursuit of desire, and the manifestation of my life purpose.. I was able to understand that as creators–willingly or not–we are dancing... more

Judgement is nothing more than self-opinion; but why does it affect who's judged so badly? I concluded that it's because that person is BELIEVING that what's said about him/her IS TRUE. Is judgment a resistance to see... more

Talking with a colleague author about our current projects, I mentioned that "my book had to be written, I just happen to be available for it". This revelation made me wonder how I became available. I became available by emptying my... more

This past week I hated the father of my kids for not collaborating with my plans to divorce him. I've been waiting for his cooperation for a year without succeding. What I finally realized—after exploding violently in a moment of panic for... more

Carl has always been spiritually connected and driven to know the higher purposes of our existence on Earth. Over his lifetime he has sometimes felt haunted by the "otherness" of life we routinely fail to comprehend in the hustle... more

At the root of every dissatisfaction there is a belief that is stopping us from realizing our desires. Only by acting on our unique desires without expecting a specific result, we can fulfill our life's purpose and embody happiness as a side... more
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