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The International Society of Metaphysical Humanism (ISoMH) Educational Network features programming designed to educate and encourage as well as to edify and empower the spirit. Since metaphysics is the study of consciousness and existence, a variety of metaphysical concepts are discussed that not only explore the mystery and awe of the human experience, but also teach grounded and practical life-skills that will enhance your life, career, and relationships. Join us regularly as we probe the boundaries of consciousness and plumb the depths of the human psyche in an effort to raise the vibrational level of humanity thereby promoting a more enlightened and peaceful world. The International Society of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. is a metaphysical ministry that seeks to explore, understand, and empower the human spirit. For more information, visit

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An oracle is someone who is highly regarded and makes wise and insightful pronouncements. This episode will focus on how an individual can serve as his/her own oracle. Free readings will be offered via the phone or the chat room featuring the newly released ISoMH Inner Oracle Self-Discovery Cards.
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Being positive in life is certainly a good thing, but there is a difference in simply being positive and having a positive consciousness. Join us to learn the difference.

Join us to discover the secret to personal expansion, evolution, and transformation. This secret is so powerful, it can and will change the world. If you listen to only one of our episodes, listen to this one.

This program will address questions from listeners as well as general life questions on attaining more success and happiness. Live listeners are invited to call in with their questions.

This program delves into the specifics of Metaphysical Humanism and why it is such a healthy spiritual philosophy. Also included are the what's and why's of specific metaphysical humanistic beliefs as well as the differences to other... more

Last week, we focused on finding one's motivation. This week we will focus on maintaining the momentum once you are motivated. This program will offer several techniques and ideas for maintaining your momentum.

Part 1. Finding one's motivation can be a challenge at times not to mention maintaining the momentum once you are motivated. This program will offer several techniques and ideas for getting and staying motivated as well as... more

SPECIAL CEREMONY TONIGHT! Please join us for a special show featuring MCHS Church's ceremony for the Solstice. This ceremony is one of four annual ceremonies that serve as occasions for positive reflections, remembrance,... more

There seems to be no shortage of fearful events, news, and doomsday-sayers. This program will discuss why you should not buy into fear mongers.

We live in a world where most people are unwittingly enslaved; but the soul yearns to be free. This program will explore and count down the five most common ways in which people are enslaved and how to free the soul for greater... more

Most people compare themselves with others in many ways and end up feeling bad about themselves as a result. This program will explore the harm that comes from comparing oneself with others and how to avoid getting enmeshed in peer... more
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