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Many people are desiring a different way of life. They have turned to people,places and things, even the church and nothing brought them peace within the soul.Many churches today are speaking to the flesh and not the spirit. God is calling for us to mature and grow in Him, But to do so we must be feeding the right type of food to the people. Join us as we feast from the table of the Lord feeding the spirit the proper nutrients to grow and mature.

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1Tim 4 tells us that in the end times many will depart from the faith, and fellow doctrines of demons and taking heed to deceiving spirits. We are in these times. Many are in the church hearing doctrines of demons and are giving into things... more

We all have something in our life that we don't like to do, but we seem not to be able to overcome. That monkey that over takes you just won't let us go. Temptation is what the enemy uses to draw us away from the spirit of God into... more

The marriage union is under attack in these last days. Many are forfitting the convenet that was make with there mate. Why is this. If God has said; Let no man tare abort what I have put together, why is there so much devorce. Tune in and... more

Were is it you go when your down or going through lifes challenges? Do you run to the bottle or drugs? do you run to a friend or person to make you feel better? or do you complain to anorther about your situation. In these end times we are... more

Many are dealing with lack in there lives it's hard to get ahead and provide for those we love. We want to be happy and joyful but the situation we are in is robbing me of it. Tune in and see what the bible says about the position your in... more

We pray,we give and we do for others. Why is it I'm not moving foward in life. Are you hearing me Lord as I cry out? If this sounds like you tune in and discover what the Lord has shown me pertaining to this place that many find... more

Many don't know that there is a war going on. No I'm not talking about over seas, or in anorther country, I'm talking about right between your ears. The Fight in for your soul, to control you through controling your mind,your will and... more

We are Gods creation and we are to live in Him and through Him.Through the ups and downs of life we seek help and understanding of things that we don't undertand ,and in not understanding we find comfort in the things of this world... more

MBKI wishes everyone a happy resurrection day. This Sunday we celebrate Jesus. The death,burial and resurrection of our Lord and saviour.He was concealed from the earth but talked about in the book of Exodus and revealed to... more
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