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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!! Going to be some big changes in the Mayhem News Live format in the months to come. WWE: Triple H vs Lesnar; are we going to see a Triple H win over a beaten Lesnar?  Or has Triple H come out of retirement to have his retirement match?  The way this story could end has thousand of factors effecting the outcome.  Come on..it NO HOLDS BARRED.  Anything could happen.  Booker T going to HOF..good choice WWE..now the big question.  Who will induct him. Will Orton/Sheamus pick the Big Show? Am I the only one tired of Big E Langston playng stouge to AJ and Ziggler?  As we can see Rodriguez was injured by the hands of Swagger on Raw.  TNA:  So now we have all these TNA roster members part of the Ace's and 8's..here is a question..who in the hell will go up against them.  I mean come on..what is your plan TNA?  You have punked out Sting, you have AJ Styles off FINDING himself, Hogan is...well HOGAN..not to mention he is on crutches.  Please tell me we are not going to see Bully vs Hogan for the title..please dont put that "GUN" to your companies head.  Sting if your listening..if that's going to happen..FOR GOD SAKE MAN..go to WWE..NOW!!  Here is my opinion..has everyone forgot about Abyss.  Is he the Ace up..pun intended..their sleave?  God I hope so..for it can't get any worse.  I hope i am not the only one hoping that SOA come on the show and beats the hell out of the Ace's and 8's for ripping off their show idea. NASCAR report with the BIG DAWG. Gaming: FaM Survivor Series will be out SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!