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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  Discussion on the NoDQ.com interview with Bret Hart and his comments toward Triple H "I wouldn't put him in the top 1000 great wrestlers.  To me he is very mediocre."  "I said I'd give Taker vs HHH a 4 out of 10.  I think it was generous."  He goes on to question Triple H's originallity and his contribution to pro wrestling. I have the link to this interview so you can click on the above interview and watch the video.  As far a Bret Hart's opinion on Triple H's wrestling ability, it's just that, an opinion.  Bret himself said he only worked with Triple H from 1992 to 1997.  So his ability to rate his work over the last 10 years was limited.  He was only going on what he saw during that time.  Now I have an issue with him only giving Taker vs HHH a 4 out of 10.  I think Bret been hit in the head too many times.  That match kicked ass.  Brock "I wish I was still a beast" Lesnar is back and the fact the WWE is still calling him The Beast is a joke. He came back to the WWE cause the UFC whipped that ass.  He has the mic skills of a stone and is nothing even close to the man or wrestler he used to be.  He is a third rate talent at best and as usual he is being stuffed in our face.  You want to see a Beast?  Watch Mark Henry's return last night on Raw..THAT'S a Beast.  Mark Henry is like a rogue wave..blasing through anything he see's fit to destroy..SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!  Tensions high between members of Team Hell NO.  CM Punk being CM Bitch..he is delusional!  WE WANT TAKER..Damn it.  TNA:  Adding to Ace's and 8's SMDH.  Gaming: MW4 rumors, already Black Ops 3 talk,  G4 going bye bye.