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Today we take a moment of silence to give reverence to the Newtown, CT school shootings.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families after their loss.  Hug your children and hold them tight.  Welcome to a FULL HOUR OF MAYHEM NEWS LIVE..WWE: Lots oof thing going on for the WWE.  This weeks Raw was The Slammy Awards show.  My pick for "Stand Out" team this week would be Team Rhodes Scholars.  They are really clicking.  I didn't like Sandow at first but he is growing on me.  Kofi pick up a well deserved Slammy for "Tell Me I Didn't Just See That" moment. BOOGEYMAN..BOOGEYMAN!!!  NEW AGE OUTLAWS on Raw..with The King..Priceless.  King wins "Best Come Back of the Year"..would have been pissed if Lesnar had won.  Did i mention Wade Barrett character is boring? AJ and Cena Kiss won..I thought the Kane/AJ kiss was better.  AJ kissing Ziggler..WOW!!!  Ric Flair returned and I actual appreciated his return..WOOOOO!!!!! Figure-4 on a Walrus..line of the night..Thanks JBL!!  Funny shit between Santino and Tensia..FAT ALBERT..LOL!!  Team Hell No stuff was funnier that The Rock..HELLO!!  Tommy F'n Dreamer back on Raw..HELL YEAH!!!  Del Rio goes face...This might work.  News is Randy Orton will be going HEEL..thank God!!!  Undertaker vs Triple H wins match of the year..would have been pissed if Rock vs Cena had won.  Triple H "You haven't seen the last of the Undertaker" yea I poped for that.  Big E. Langston from NXT attacks Cena..yeah I had to look him up too.  Guess I got to start watching NXT..nah!!  Stacie Lynn vs Dave LOL.  TNA: SOSDD Gaming: WWE13 talk with Dave and Russell..David Herro added by a fan to downloadable content.  Carrier Commander review. B.I.A.C. News:  We are always recruiting..however keep your drama to yourself.