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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  INDY: BLIZZARD BRAWL breaks records with 1600 plus turn out.  We will hear from my wife @TWIBRULZ who was in attendence.  Will talk about the importance of the meet and great at Indy Shows and if WWE will ever get the idea. WWE: As @BIG_THOR_DAWG says when Michael Cole asked The Sheild if they where working directly with CM Punk..they of course said no.  Does this mean they are working with Paul Heymen?  Where are they going with the Tamina Snuka enforcer angle?  Does this mean they are attempting to push the Diva's division?  Ok who designed Tamina's in ring outfit and where is he working this week?  The Prime Time Players seem to be dropping to 2nd sting?  Has their botching finally caught up with them?  Maybe this is the reason they are ranked 25th in WWE's power ranking.  So is Ziggler going to cash in the case? Top 5 in WWE: Ryback/Sheamus (Tied for first), Big Show, Sandow, Ziggler, Punk.  TNA: Hogan/Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan tension rising in TNA.  How bad is it that Hogan's daughter seems to have more positive fans reaction than him?  Top 5 TNA talent: Sting, Roode, Aries, Hardy, Joe.  Gaming: Far Cry3 review on XBOX360 and WII U by ChucklesHd. Mark Of The Ninja is a XBLA game.  It is a scrolling game simular to several online PC games.  You are a Ninja warrior trying to free your clan from the enemy.  Lots of action and easy flow make this game a winner.  Zombie Driver is a XBLA which goes along well for you Walking Dead fans.  It is a top down driving shooter.  You complete missionswhile doing your best to destroy the oncoming hoard of zombies.