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MAYHEM NEWS LIVE has returned..Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  WWE Topics:  Cougar v/s Vixen..are we headed to a Vickie v/s AJ match?  God I hope so.  Who was AJ in the hotel room with?  Team Punk vs Team Ziggler?  Did the Ref get punished on Raw for screwing Ryback?  VINCE IS DA'BOSS..CM Punk vs Ryback vs Cena for the WWE title.  WE'RE NOT WORTHY..WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!  Hey Punk don" forget to pick up some vasoline cause your going to get screwed...LOL.  That's a lot of titles tied up in one match.  Could this mean some titles changing hands before the series?  PTP's or #team-botch nearly injure Sin Cara..how long are we going to have to suffer.  The water-cooler club talk about whispers that Taker having "other" injuries at WM 28, that he is questionable for WM 29 is it true or just the rumor mill as usual.  When will Flair return to WWE TV?   TNA Topics: Aces and 8's drag out yet another month..God please make it stop.  Joey Ryan..PLEASE GO AWAY!!!  Joey Ryan is what you get when you clone Val Venus too many times causing the end product to suffer and be diluted when compared to the pure product. OK someone please tell Daniels that those under the pants knee pads and the bell bottom pants are like oil and water..THEY DON'T MIX!!  Indy Topics:  Dustin Rhodes has a new booking email drhodesinc@gmail.com.  I issue a standing invite to Dustin Rhodes to promo his appearances on our show.  @BIG_THOR_DAWG's NASCAR report.  In Gaming News:  WWE 13 not being a demo on XBL..ARE YOU SERIOUS but your going to put it at Best Buy?