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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  Ric Flair suffers from blood clot and is pulled from last weeks RAW.  Could RAW have been any more boring  11 min of talking..one match..8 more min of talking..SMH?  More mirror matches on Raw..SOSDD! Zeb Colter..wrestles..REALLY!!  Washington crowd had enough dead as a Walking Dead episode?  Crowd was FLAT FLAT FLAT...first a NY crowd now a DC crowd..What gives?  Haymen and Punk reach new low in Paul Bearer disrepect.  I feel sorry for CM Punk for if Taker is slated to win at WM29..then Punk may have some new tattoos courtesy of the UNDERTAKER.  We want to thank The Rock for People Elbowing Big Johnny..LOL.  So Heyman and Lesnar think they have backed Triple H into a corner.  Well I don't know about you..but i believe that make him dangerous.  Heyman and Lesnar will look like fools if Lesnar doesn't win.  Going to be a great mystery about the outcome.  Heyman hinted that Triple H would not be able to funtion as COO if he lost..I thought it was his wrestling career on the line.  I call it Triple H will win cause we know he isn't going to stop being COO unless he is to become Chairman...hmmmm?  Ryback vs Henry heating up..this match is going to like two bulls in a china shop with baseball bats and hand grenades..LOL.  Heard someone on twitter say that its not fair for Big E to not wear a shirt.."He has bigger boobs than I do" LMAO.  Charlie Haas retires in a strange way on RoH. GLCW and the PWRShow host Shenanigans party at the Hotel Pennsylvania after the WWE HOF..huge list of VIP going to be there.  NASCAR Report. &a