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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  WWE: What do you think about WWE "blaming" Ryback for CM Punks injury? Will he face the Rock or Ryback?  WWE pulls a fake with a bullshit AJ vs Vickie match..WTF..hey WWE we want this match for real..REALLY!  Will the Big Show and Sheamus honor their no contact clause?  3MB..WHY WWE..WHY?  Is the Diva's Division dead?  Who will be the next Diva to bring the division out of the darkness.  Rumors of domestic abuse for former WWE stars?  Big ratings for Vince..does the WWE Universe miss Vince?  Kahli, Natalia and Hornswaggle...hmmmm?  TNA:  THE PIGIONS ARE BACK!!!  Velvet Sky returns to IMPACT WRESTLING..HELL YEAH!!  I really like the way Brooke Hogans persona is turning out on the show.  Better than any of her singing.  I quote "..maybe Mark..uh..maybe Bully" Hogan says "DID YOU...JUST CALL HIM MARK?!!" so we are on first name basis with Bully are we Brooke Indy:  More people are going to Indy Shows..is this just a trend or just a fad?  Gaming:  Far Cry 3 on XBOX360 and Wii U.  3rd recap on WWE13, thoughts on Black OPS 2, Actors working on voices for MW4..if we are going to do this lets do it right..NO tacs, NO Moabs, change Quickscoping to a timed perk, and add a proximity based spawning system.