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Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!! Topics: WWE; Who will be Kane/Bryan's main competition Kofi/Truth, PTP's, Rhodes Scholar's, or  Rey/Sin Cara.  Continue discussion on when the Rock will make his next appearance and who will he face; CM Punks use of the Rock Bottom may be a sign of things to come.  The Road to WM29; The Undertakers role, will the streak end, will he rtire undefeated. Survivor Series/WM retirement. Sheamus WHC; Who will take the title from him.  There has to be someone other than Del Rio.  Indy talent pay rates and Kell Kelly's agent asking for $10,000 per appearance. Thoughts on WWE placing programing, such as NXT and Superstars, on HULU Plus where it cost 7.99 a month and the fact that the programming is incomplete at times.  Hey WWE how about NETFLIX..HELLLOOO. TNA: Thoughts of Gut Check and Open Fight Night, how this effects the roster. NASCAR report with @BIG_THOR_DAWG. Gaming: XBL is still on crack. Discuss Halo vs COD fans; thoughts on each game pro and cons.  What would we like to see in MW4 if this game became a reality.  Quick Scoping is cool or is it an overused glitch that should be removed from all the COD games.  Could it be a perk; Why not make it a limited perk they must work for.