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If you like makeup,beauty,cosmetics this show is for you! We will discuss the latest brands,trends,blogs,products,how too's,books&just talk makeup!

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Ive got the industry's top pros,your fave celebs and even my bffs to spill their all-time best tricks and tips,from the easiest way to get shiny hair to the key to a flawless flush. There are tons of ideas you'll love,so get ready to look more gorgeous than ever!! Can't miss secrets from experts! Plus,bonus DIY ideas to save YOU $$$. Makeup! Skin! Hair! Nails! Lets not forget the products to get you glowing!
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Are you someone who is shy and hates to be the center of attention? Are you someone who loves to be competitive? Do you love routine, or are you someone that needs constant change just to stay interested? While these might... more

Besides brushes, there are a few other tools that every artist needs to carry with them. These are tools that allow you to prepare and perfect every makeup application including tweezers, spatulas, curlers, and on-set... more

Has this ever happened to you? Or have you ever noticed that one type of exercise gives you a better result than others? Well, whether you like it or not, it's determined by your genetics. That's right. How your body responds to certain... more

Beauties, are you spending all of your paycheck on new beauty products and services? Sometimes it can seem that being a woman requires an overwhelming amount of maintenance and an overwhelming number of products. There are... more

Achieving a flawless face isn't just about the makeup, it's also very much about how it's applied. Any makeup artist will tell you that the secret to their application is what they work with. The right tools can help you achieve your makeup... more

Do you have any ugly makeup habits? Here's how to clean up your act and overhaul your bad beauty behavior. Fess up—which ones are you guilty of?

You know what they say—rules were made to be broken. This is especially true when it comes to the world of beauty. As everyone knows, makeup is about self-expression and creativity, and just because a particular technique is popular... more

Let's be honest: We've all seen shameless beauty faux pas happen around us. From behind-the-wheel mascara applications (now, that's just unsafe!) to desk-side fingernail clipping, these primping errors need to be corrected. But in... more

Now that you have your basic bag system set up, it's time to figure out how you can compartmentalize. The most important thing to think about in organizing your kit is to think about what you can do to make carrying, locating and... more

?I'm trying to wash my hair less so it stops being so greasy.? ?Don't put makeup on that zit, it's gonna make it worse!? ?Once you shave it, it grows back twice as thick.? Persistent and timeless, passed down from generation to generation,... more