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A prayer program supernaturally stirring the atmosphere in and around your life, your family's lives, your work place and the global community for the GLORY of JESUS CHRIST THE KING. Let's begin our day before HIS THRONE. HIS ear and heart is turned towards us. So join us at 6:00 AM LIVE Monday - Friday. You may also have any segment streamed on demand to you @

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Jesus urged the Church to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest of the Lord. There is a scarcity of laborers in the field and it is due to the fact that the church fails to pray as Jesus commanded. God's chosen laborers are the only... more

It is powerful when one realizes that God's Kingdom is not limited to what goes on inside of church buildings. It's even more instructive when one realises that His Kingdom is not a slate of political agends or a christian code of conduct or even... more

It is fascinating to watch a river as it flows in its direction. I've sat on the banks of the Delaware River a few times and enjoyed watching it flow with determination to pursue its course. It's as if the river has a life of its own. From my position, I... more

This is the season that God is calling those that belong to Him to enter the Holy of Holies. Moses and Joshua met God upon Mt Sinai. We saw Elijah and Elisha, the Apostles with Christ in the last supper the disciple waiting in the upper... more

Agree with God and let go of the last season's provision. The provision of tyhe new season is the provision of the promised land. There is an inheritance through Christ Jesus. Declare new provision to begin. God wants you to see and... more

Who is Christ Jesus? The Bible tells us, He is the lawful owner of all things and the creator of all things. All things are upheld by the Word of His power. He created the worlds, the far reaches of space and all the ages of time. He is the... more

Prayer is the answer.

Prayer is absolutely dependent upon faith. Prayer is able to accomplish nothing except it be connected to faith. Faith makes prayer effective and must precede it. Before we begin to pray, our faith must already be engaged and working. We... more

Faith opens the way for faith to approach God. Faith also accompanies prayer with every step. When we petition God, faith turns asking into obtaining. Prayer can help build your faith which will in turn produce results. Faith makes prayer... more

We have a tremendous basis for prayer and faith. It is God's promise to give us all things (Romans8:32). He backed His promise with His example of giving His only Son for our redemption. Therefore, we can come to Him with our requests... more
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