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A prayer program supernaturally stirring the atmosphere in and around your life, your family's lives, your work place and the global community for the GLORY of JESUS CHRIST THE KING. Let's begin our day before HIS THRONE. HIS ear and heart is turned towards us. So join us at 6:00 AM LIVE Monday - Friday. You may also have any segment streamed on demand to you @

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Like JESUS' life on earth, our life from beginning to end is characterized by spiritual warfare. The forces of darkness resists the move of God's Kingdom at every turn. However, we have the same power source as HE did, the HOLY... more

Because we understand the power of prayer we are drawn to seek the LORD. GOD'S Word contains many great and exciting promises that are being fulfilled daily. Today we keep our appointment with HIM and present ourselves at 6:00... more

Our assembly is gathered as God's people, in obedience to his call for prayer. We are humbling ourselves and are asking for the strength to turn from our wicked ways. We want our lives and the land to be healed. We want to witness... more

Our GOD reigns in power and majesty over all the Earth. We are seeking God that HIS will and promises be fulfilled. HE has a plan and a clear destiny for the nations in this season. We therefore join with HIM in agreement. JESUS... more

There is a place and space called the secret place of the MOST HIGH. It is a place of encounter with GOD. OUR FATHER. It is a place of divine intimacy and protection available to all those who seek HIm. Through CHRIST JESUS we... more

God is calling us to pray beyond the bounderies of our lives and churches. HE wants us to pray our way into the lives and circumstances of those who He is working to redeem. Therefore, prayer becomes more than a technique to add... more

There is no doubt that we live in troubled days. However, GOD is not in trouble. HE chooses times like these to advance and accomplish HIS greater purposes. It is during these times that great prayers can be prayed. There is such a... more

It's not unusualy to experience a violent pushback from the devil. After you have won a powerful victory. That is his usual strategy. Join us today for prayer as we continue our winning ways through CHRIST JESUS.

It is not unusual for persons to wonder what is happening in our world today. The times are unusually chaotic. Its as if we need an answer. Well, CHRIST is the answer. The answer to all our questions about both the present and the future.... more

We always have a choice. Our way or GOD'S way. The choice is our whether we depend on HIm or pursue a different path. He invites you and i to follow HIM. Join us today for prayer at 6:00 AM. Dial 714.459.3963.
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