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A prayer program supernaturally stirring the atmosphere in and around your life, your family's lives, your work place and the global community for the GLORY of CHRIST JESUS THE KING. Let's begin our day before HIS THRONE. HIS ear and heart is turned towards us. So join us at 6:00 AM LIVE Monday - Friday. You may also have any segment streamed to you on demand @ www.blogtalkradio.com/maximum-radio.

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It is GOD'S will through HIS wonderful grace, that prayers of HIS people should be one of the principal means of carrying out the great designs of CHRIST'S Kingdom in the world. Whenever GOD has something great to to accomplish for... more

The only condition that restricts GOD'S power making HIM unable to act is a lack of faith. He is not limited in action nor restrained by the conditions that limit people. God is never limited. The conditions of time, place, nearness, ability and... more

The word "worry" implies being drawn in different directions, distracted anxious, disturbed, upset in spirit. In HIS sermon on the mount, Jesus warned against this very thing. He was trying to show HIS people the secret of a quite mind, freed... more

In biblical times, especially those of the Old Testament, a name meant more than just a tag. Rather, it revealed importantant information about an individual or thing itself. Therefore, getting to know God by his names open up the door to... more

You and I are required to sleep and slumber. Our humanity shows most in the fact that we need regular times of rest and refreshing. But our JEHOVAH GOD never needs to rest our slumber which is a fact of HIS being GOD ALMIGHTY.... more

One of the things the HOLY SPIRIT does in our lives is to help us to pray. Why because there are times when we don't realy know what or how to pray. Maybe you are overwhelmed with a burden or you find yourself discouraged or... more

The person of prayer is the person of power. There are power positions that exhibit our heart condition. Before we stand and shoot at the enemy the word advises us to kneel before our FATHER. After giving this much tought, we... more

The WORD of GOD suggests how our mouth gives expression to what we think, feel and want. In fact, our words are a result of who we believe we are. This fact can work for us... or against us. The truth is, your world is framed by the... more

The children of Israel were given a powerful choice we all must face. Who are you going to serve? Are you going to serve the idols of your ancestors, or will you serve the Lord who changes your DNA so that you are engrafted into the... more

The adversary sends storms with the intent to destroy you and your forward movement toward victory. The intent is that at the very lest you're to become distracted, discouraged and frustrated. However, this is the moment you check... more
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