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A prayer program supernaturally stirring the atmosphere in and around your life, your family's lives, your work place and the global community for the GLORY of CHRIST JESUS THE KING. Let's begin our day before HIS THRONE. HIS ear and heart is turned towards us. So join us at 6:00 AM LIVE Monday - Friday. You may also have any segment streamed to you on demand @ www.blogtalkradio.com/maximum-radio.

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On the earth there's lots of might and there's lots of power. However, there's not enough of either to do the essential work. What is needed is the moving of the SPIRIT of GOD. We saw the Biblical example of how order is brought out of... more

God love is to every person since all are HIS creation. However, HE finds it necessary to distinguish who is righteous and who is wicked by their way of life. HE wants all to see the difference as HE see it and understand as HE does.... more

There are times sense of justice is severely challenged as we observe events that are pure injustice. Our feelings and emotions are stirred and we want to see recompense on those who destroy humanity. Ideas about how GOD should... more

When our habit has been to have our feelings control us, it is not easy to give that up. Feelings of self-blame can overwhelm you, a negative view of failure can leave one stuck in the past. How can you change that pattern? In CHRIST, you... more

Imagine an advertised sale where everything is free. Certainly you would do a double take as you read the advertising material. Your mind would be racing to figure out the meaning of what you're seeing, if it is true, and what, if anything,... more

Have you noticed that spending time with the LORD causes your spiritual strength to increase? You're now able to stand, to endure and overcome giants that in the past just the thought would have frightened you. Now you have... more

God uses dreams and visions to give insights to our hearts and we receive wisdom of how to solve situations. He also uses dreams and visions to give us insight into hell's assignments. Therefore, we can consider dreams to be... more

As we encounter more of God together, a worship that is not housed in buildings of human construct begins to emerge. A worship that is not limited by location of geography begins to appear. God's search for worship is intense and ongoing.... more

You're not alone. There is a category of anger that is distinctly necessary. It is a moral and righteous anger. Such anger can give us the courage to do what we might otherwise not be able to do. In such situations, we are able to... more

A spiritual awakening and outpouring of the Spirit og God is the only answer to the tides of evil that are constanly hiting the shores of human experience. Every act of the kingdom of darkness is an opportunity for people to make a... more
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