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Conservative principles, traditional values, sovereignty , southron peoples , american indians musket rights , amish peoples , scotland the brave , sovereignty returning in many countries(there are secession states, countries rising)canada, halito ~Topics Status qua conservatives vs... ? Re enactments more than a means of a job , its not a business its history in play with facts yet to be heard as re enactments are a vital tool as is other "tools" to help fight the left and all bantam tactics, mantra to be used for defending oneself against the brutalities of webbys , keep in mind to the alert anti racist is code word for anti white ,,, gods tools are the most powerful, devil wears a smile but can dress as god , but the shield of gods way is the sovereignty of it all ! Cowboymav is ~ braveheart ~as he humbly weaves like the storm clearing away the darkness upon this nation .... topics pending :)