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dont tread on this patriot

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Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss

Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss


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Conservative principles, traditional values, natural law, individual rights, sovereignty, constitutionally conscious mav style :)  states rights (powers) , emphasis on states rights southron and mid western , tenth amendment , southron peoples (midwest) american indians (native , indigenous) ,gun rights the full rights ,  farmers full rights and land rights (including the right naturally to raise chidren and work as they see fit ) , homeschooling , homesteading, private property rights , christianity , Cowboy church , flaggers (rebel flag :) and the preservation of ones heritage, cowboy heritage , horses, western riding , Raw Milk (got militia ?) ,fully endorses the removal of the usurper and all, preservation of the southron peoples and Dixie, does not support the three blind mice acts , or TSA the new brown shirts ( will they be armed to ?)   Haltio ~ Topics ~ Talking points for traditional southrons and the coming together with the north on common grounds and america as a whole , Main Talking Points will be simple and direct, starting with the education system actually applies to both sides of mason dixon county lines, southron identity (just as an indian would recognise itself by its tribal designation as a peoples  so does the dixie) , will also discuss Wade Hampton and a rare influential book, and how the "grass roots" of the south saved one state from extinction and from making its way like Haiti, (how this to can influence the country to pull it together)  or help retain the the southron peoples (mid west ) and ways , the case in alabama where non whites are killing based on lies and deceit in a manufacting of a so called "new civil war" something they better think twice about , other random topics that come to mind as the week makes its way , also will continue from last weeks as your humble cowboy mav weaves and ropes these topics No hoodies allowed , moonshine welcomed give a rebel yell yall cowboy up