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dont tread on this patriot

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Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss

Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss


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Conservative principles, traditional values, individual rights , constitutionally conscious mav style :) sovereignty, natural rights, southron peoples and mid western :) ,  states rights, american indians, cowboy ways and heritage, homeschooling , homesteading , fully supports ranching and farming rights and ways ,  supports Raw Milk :)  Favors local level actions in politics , supports common laws and way , supports foods as originally intended :) christianity -  mason dixon county line :) fully supports american indians rights for tribal languages and southron dialects (original english ya'lls :)  Fully supports the Full Removal of the white house regime and all its dirty bacteria :) the usurper being the main bacteria agent perpertuator .. seceding from the treasonous elites, fully supports removal of all TSA and barnacles, most agencies beyond reform :) fully supports Dixie, and  flags <-- who knows ya'lls flag may be next by the aggressions to be , supports gun rights , fully supports the Right to Work ,  Halito ~ Topics ~ Balance of Powers from a southron unique perspective at an earlier stage with a States Rights (powers) differing from the norths and the early stage of balance was altered to the disadvangtage of the southrons now with a renewed Attempt of such Balancing of Powers from both mason -dixon county sides of the line. Maybe within it holds the self determination we have to Balance the balancing of the two sides of powers. As cowboy mav humbly weaves myopically on an issuba through the "Trials of Balance" giving back to the southrons and the north can keep itself from further engulfing :) other issues pertaining to the attacks coming onto the southron eradiication of its peoples symbols and statues confederate flags and general lee and stonewall jackson, and ways of life as well as the mid west and if time some ranch riding talk as cowboy mav roping in these topics :) cowboy up !