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dont tread on this patriot

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One Word For U America TRUMP

One Word For U America TRUMP


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Conservative principles, traditional values, individual rights, sovereignty, southron peoples (and midwestern) and  dialects, american indians(native , indigenous) , states rights, private property rights, land rights, farmers and ranchers rights,  RAW milk fully endorses :) Got Milk ? , homeschooling , homesteading fully endorses, american and indian sovereignty and southron indep, This puppy does NOT answer to Internation law or any authority attached to it within the United States of America either side of  Mason _Dixon county lines ! Born free with a free will given by god/creator and natural law secondarily protected by supposedly the united states govt and the written constitutions and declarations or amendments  in various forms are thereby  under the pretense of .The south doesn't want to beat the north up , just want to be allowed to live the traditional ways of life retaining that identity of its peoples much like many in the midwest cowboy heritage (real america) with the differentiation of english riding- both do offer the love of horses and there continued survival :) confederate vets, rebel flag /confederate flags, Fully against TSA,  against Fema and the three blind mice 'Acts' (NDAA and EO by usurper, the artificial racists across the country being staged doesn't wash, The war between the states is still alive on many levels :) its actually a good thing (the south and much midwest seem to understand this and have been fighting the govt on mulitple levels.  Halito ~Topics~ Confederate flags still being attacked (how serious , that museums need tobe boycotted) , romney wants puerto rico to be a state (a horrid idea) , even the american flag is having the usurper on it , the southron and midwestern peoples understand the tenth amendment  much better or differently then the northerners, Dixie goes very midwest then many care to admit , cowboy mav will humbly weave these topics cowboy up !