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dont tread on this patriot

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DixieLand Supports Roy Moore

DixieLand Supports Roy Moore


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Conservative principles, traditional values, sovereignty (republic of) :) states rights (powers) individual rights , american ways first, also means her peoples and icons of tradition which built the country , american indians (our first peoples:) southron peoples and Dixie, our ports on the southron states are being overflowed with over industialisation, Savannah nor charleston ( also known correctly as Charles Town), NOT for the national criminal ID and the stripping of america further , NOT for the TSA nor for illegal checkpoints across the nation NOR for the radiation being IMPOSED upon the american people in the name of so called safety (let me have my own arms and I can defend myself and others freely ( thank you have a Dixie day ! fully endorse the right for americans to homeschool, homestead the natural way farmers and ranchers way, fully endorses raw milk, fully endorses american indians (native) and jurisdictional issues and indian sovereignty, fully supports tribal indian languages and southron peoples true dialect with full twang to it :) Does not celebrate the so called politically correct  diversity day of martin luther king day, instead we fully endorse general lee and stonewall jackson day this weekend and in fact fully promote the confederate flag to be allowed to fly in in lexington virginia beating back an ordinance imposed upon that city.. especially a city where both lee and jackson are buried , and it is general lee's city in the first place. Confederate flag is encouraged with a Dixie smile :) Halito ~Topics ~ The confederate veterans will fly the confederate flag  and the war between the states re enactors marched  enthusiatic ally, the three Blind Mice Acts , NDAA, EEA, the PA. These three acts rip the bill of rights to smitherines if not already done long dang time ago, any other random topics that mav humbly weaves along as he rides on the southron trails of mason -dixion indian county lines :) cowboyup!