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dont tread onthis patriot

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Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss

Dixie WillkickYankeeSoldierAss


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conservative principles, tradtitional values , individual rights , sovereignty, consitutionally conscious mav style and articles of confederation minded :) and bill of rights minded :) and 10th amendment traditionalist minded ,  southron and (midwestern)  peoples  and true american dialect, american indians and  tribal indian  languages, small business oriented and fully endorses farming (natural) , homesteading traditionally , homeschooling , christian doctrine, american indian ( native) ways of life and jurisdictional issues and rights , dixie and southron peoples and confederate flag fully endorsed :) also endorses the american indian flags especially confederate oriented , fully endorses raw milk, and the rights of farmers and groups alike traditional methods encouraged , Halito ~Topics~ confederate issues, american indian horses (the differences) and the NDAA ( which was signed by an illegal occupant in the white house ( whom many 'think ' he is the president of this nation) Many of us know better:)  The Usurper chose to sign it on the eve of new years coincides with wounded knee the native american (american indians) one of the worst days thrusted upon a great peoples ( the original we the people ) , so you wanna be an indian ( looks like many will get their try at it bc of the NDAA  unless its changed.  Im not too thrilled with the the DHS and the practice locally in a florida area.. After they came for the indian , they went for the southron peoples ( they didnt win Dixies still stands :) now they come for whom ? 10th  amendment sorta has slipped and was defeated in a way  when looking at it from a southron traditional perspective ...do I mav like anyone of the candidates running ....?? and other random topics on the top of mavs myopic mind or just the mind in generally (lee) :) as mav humbly rides the trails on an issuba (horse ) rebelly and giving a rebel yelp ! cowboy up !