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The challenge facing all of us is to rise above the things that have kept us divided in the past, by focusing us on the agenda of creating a better future for our people to see how all of us, with all of our varied differences, can come together and direct our energy, not at each other, but at the condition of the reality of the suffering of our people, that we might use all of our skills, gifts and talents to create a better world for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is time for us to stop thinking and acting solely on behalf of our churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and organizations. It is time for us as leaders to come together and begin to think, plan, and act on behalf of the whole of our people. We must put an end to the Mischief and the Mischief Maker!

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Dr Umar Johnson exposed again and is he related to Frederick Douglas? What-if-she-were-a-black-woman-what-the-nate-parker-sexual-assault-issue-tells-us-about-such-matters-in-the-african-american-community- Dr. Jones An 8 and 9 year old boys were shot in home and 9 year old died... more

In this week's episode, we will have a roundtable discussion about how religion affects black people in America. And we will discuss if there is a particular religion for us. Is Christianity brainwashing black people? We will talk about this... more

Where is God during this tribulation season

Jamal Muncor "The Trip to Honduras. Dr. Sebi still Lives on."

Where Do We Go From Here? Who will lead us out of this condition that we are in? Can't we all pool our skills, talents, resources together to make a new reality?

DOJ Report Baltimore Publicly strip-searched a woman following a routine traffic stop for a missing headlight. Officers ordered the woman to exit her vehicle, remove her clothes, and stand on the sidewalk to be searched. The woman... more

This week we will discuss the myth about black on black crime and why the media hides the truth. Why doesn't the media talk about white on white crime and white on everybody else crime? All of this and it's my birthday this week and the... more

Did Dr. Sebi Learn The Science of Healing from Elijah Muhammad? Dr Sebi pointed out that without knowing the plants and minerals in their original form there is no way of knowing what is really beneficial and if you are even being... more

What really happened to Dr sebi/ why was he arrested? Honoring my wife Shawna l. Jones And Our First Anniversary! Dr Jones. What more will it take for us to realize we are all wr got!! Newly released video disputes police... more

In this episode we will be talking about the history of lynching in America. We will also talk about Emmett Till, the black teenage boy who was lynched and how his death changed the country.
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