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Manic Aggressive Personality Disorder. This mental and behavioral illness is attached, soley, to Africans born in America and around the globe. Africans, around the globe, are becoming increasingly aggressive against racist administrations; and racial killings and attacks against his nature or race.

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Tonight, August 3, 2014, 11:30pm - 1:00am, we will release pre-finding and current findings on our investigation of the Assassination of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, Jackson Mississippi. Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, NBPP, Black... more

Tonight, at 11:30pm Eastern, I intend to cover the assassination attempt on my life in Waldorf, Maryland - After speech given before the National Black Rifle Association (NBRA). And my learning who is, possibly, behind it and why. And... more

After two visits from the FBI I was shot at twice by unknown assailants! After giving a speech before the Black National Rifle Association (BRNA) I was shot a twice. There was a marage of bullets, buckshot, death pellets, or otherwise, in... more

The black race is foolish to celebrate the fourth of July! This holiday does not recognize freedom for the black man but ongoing colonialism slavery of the African born in America, England, Africa, and around the globe. The black race... more

I want to first note that Christ's teachings are the most powerful teachings known to man because it balances religious scaffles and connects, sympathetically, with its reasonings. By this simple will Jehoshua (or Jesus) entreated us into... more

Who is truly guarding the life of President Barack Hussein Obama? There have been many breaches in security concerning the life of our president and the first family. All of these incidents are connected to an unconcerned or unequipped... more

Straight Parents Must Protect Their Children. As you have read, heard, or noticed, the Boyscouts of America is the newest harness for gays and child molestation. Our children are, indeed, endangered by the evils that are taking over... more

We must come to the understanding that there is indeed a difference between violence and self defense. I do not agree with violence in any form. However, I do believe in the right to defend myself and my black family. Every american citizen... more

Black Sheepism, in the sense of the black male, means having to deal with a mother who is so insecure that she , in many cases, seek to attack the male child. Thus solidifying the nightmare of his fear that he shall not be capable... more

The black mother's psychology of acceptance and rejection of her own seed. This clinical-behavioral and / or mental episode is the result of the mother's own opinion of her inadequacy; due to the psychological pressures felt from without.... more
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