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Grace & Peace To All: I am so happy that God has placed me in this position to help the churched and the unchurched, the guilty and the not guilty. If you have a issue or a struggle, testimony or a praise report, if you have been abuse and you need God to heal you and touch your heart and you are not ashamed of what the world think or say about you, call in and let's get some clarity and understanding of the word of God together. Call in (347) 324-3349 or Are you a Gospel recording artist or musician and you want to bless the people of God over the air waves and get your name and or group or choir out there than email me at or hit me up on New Day Live! or Remember there is no problem to big or small that God can't use his trusted vessel to help solve, There is no degree of sin, so don't be ashamed nor afraid! let me help you through my experience and the word of God.

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I won't to encourage parents to not to give up on there children, nor give up on them selves. You are chosen to be greatness and not a failure. God Bless!

Real talk with real people according to the word of God. Be Bless!

When you find yourself around the same people with no vision and no dreams, they are always causing issues and problems in your life, they keep the fire burning, they lie and they cheat you out of your blessing and your family... more

So many people in the church tend to give up on life and there ministry. I want you to know that God have place you here for a reason and a God given purpose. Your life has purpose in it. God Bless!

I believe if more people understand there purpose in life they would be more productive in there church and there community.
Rev. Maurice Bellamy

Can I pray a prayer for you,

  • by Rev. Maurice Bellamy
It is my desire that you overcome all those things that have had you bound for years, I know how it feels when problems and issues almost take over your whole body and spirit, Know one there to prayer for you and it seems like your all by... more
Rev. Maurice Bellamy

Singing Praises to the Lord

  • by Rev. Maurice Bellamy
So many people say that the kind of singing and rap that is sung in the church is not of God, Many christians of the church think that if you do not sing the songs that they have been singing for in the church, your not save nor are you singing... more
Rev. Maurice Bellamy

I can do all things!

  • by Rev. Maurice Bellamy
Some of you out there have dreams and you have been a dreamer for years but for some reason every time you try to carry those dreams people to tend to not believe in you, you get to the point were you don't even believe yourself. God... more
Rev. Maurice Bellamy

Changing your spiritual appearance

  • by Rev. Maurice Bellamy
I believe as people of God that it comes a time in your life that you are going to have to change some things if you want to have a closer relationship with God. If you call yourself a true believer of God you can not still after all these years... more
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