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Will Hugo Chavez's death alter US/Venezuela relations? How about China's housing bubble? Join us as we discuss how these events will likely unfold in the coming weeks.

Can Rand Paul shake up the Republican Party with a possible run for President in 2016? We take a closer look at what Rand Paul needs to do in order be a viable candidate in 2016. Join us as we discuss Rand Paul's political future and other... more

What do you think of the NYC teachers pension fund divesting in gun manufacturers? Is it the right call? Join us as we discuss the issue of divestment. Also, we will be dissecting the latest worldwide headlines. Join us in open forum... more

Does Hollywood and politics mix? We take a look at the role celebrities play when it comes to politics. Also, we look at the State of the Union Address. These and other stories will be covered on the High Dome Hour.

Native American casinos have generated large profits over the years. How have Native American tribes adjusted to their new found wealth? We all know money changes everything, will Native American culture remain in tact? Join us at... more

Think you're paying to much to fly now? Next week American Airlines and U.S. Airways are going to merge according to reports. What does this mean for you and me? Higher fares of course. Join us as we look at what a merger will do to... more

Are you a conspiracy theorist? Studies indicate that rational people can subscribe to conspiracy theories. Join us as we look at the conspiracy theory phenomenon. We will also check out what's happening around the globe.

Get your week going with a ride on the High Dome Express. Let's discuss the use of lie-detector tests and how they are making their way into matters you wouldn't believe. Also, we look at stories that didn't make the headlines. Join us.

Whether you're a train buff or not, New York City"s Grand Central Terminal is something that will leave you in awe. The train terminal is 100 years old. We'll look at the impact Grand Central Terminal has had on NYC and the... more

Is PETA{People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals} evovling with the times? PETA has a long history of using controversial tactics in their defense of animal rights. We'll examine some of their more interesting campaigns. Also, we check... more