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The families of Malaysian flight 370 have set up a whistle-blower fund to find the truth out about the fate of the flight. Is $5 million dollars enough to draw someone out who can solve this aviation mystery? Call it the Snowden effect or... more

Are you using social media frequently throughout the day? Finding self-control going out the window? Are we more connected or disconnected? Join us as we look at the effects long term usage is doing to our brains.

Is California doing the right thing by putting warning labels on sugary beverages? Is it time for government to take strong measures to address this scourge of obesity? Someone has to have the guts to level the playing field with... more

The United Nations Office for Human Rights is set to open an investigation into war crimes during the Sri Lankan conflict. The Sri Lankan government is opposed to the inquiry. Why would they reject an outside investigation? Thousands of... more

Does the Tea Party still have support among the masses? The Tea Party needs to regroup and rethink its message. Tea Party candidates are not doing well in elections. What does the future hold for the Tea Party? Join us as we discuss... more

Once again the Philadelphia school system is on the verge of collaspe. Will the city or state step up to fund schools? How about the students? Will they be affected by this budget shortfall? Join us as we discuss a budget crisis that not... more

Facial recognition technology is fast approaching a critical legal juncture. Is society prepared to accept this loss of privacy? Facial recognition has a high degree of accuracy. Join us as we discuss the pro's and con's of this technology.

Most cities have plans to deal with disasters. Do you know what to do in the event of a crisis? Join us as we look at some scenario's that one might encounter during their lifetime. Also, we look at some of the latest headlines.

Is the economy really perking up or are we being fed misleading data? Wall Street certainly seems to think that the U.S. economy is on the mend. Join us as we take a look at some of the economic data and separate fact from fiction.

The recent crisis in US/Russian relations has damaged more than political ties. Russsia is set to pull far ahead of the U.S. in space. NASA is cutting all ties with Russia, with the exception of the space station. Is this a prudent course of action... more