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When's the last time you took a vacation? Americans are working longer hours and not using vacation time. Is this healthy? European workers have six weeks vacation time every year. Should American companies and workers adopt a... more

Food stamp wars? Where do you stand? Huge cuts are coming to a number of people who use food stamps. Republicans are not backing down on the cuts. Is this fair to the millions of Americans who depend on this assistance?

Do you know what the International Criminal Court does? Does it have jurisdiction around the world? With war crimes happening on just about a daily basis, is it time to strengthen the court? Join us as we discuss why there is a growing... more

Does your city have a disaster plan? Just look no further than the massive flooding in Boulder, Colorado and see how important it is to have a disaster plan. Join us as we discuss how emergency preparedness can save your life.

Mexican teachers crisis/What's next? Traffic in Mexico City is as bad as it gets. Add striking teacher protests and you have a recipe for disaster. What's at stake? Is this the face of education reform? Join us as we dive into the crisis with... more

Show us the truth. When it comes to setting the record straight, the Obama administration is having its problems. Call it the Snowden effect or whatever you want, something has changed the way Washington does business. Join us we... more

Is your daily commute a nightmare? Americans are becoming more and more stressed out from traffic jams and pollution. Let's look at Washington's record when it comes to using our tax dollars to help support a better commute.

Presidential pardons are rarely given. Why is Bradley Manning asking for one? Join us as we take a closer look at the whole process including looking at individuals who have received them.

Doctors Without Borders issued their report of the alleged chemical weapon attack on Syrian civilians in Damascus on August 21. Has the U.S. and others reviewed the document? Join us as we take a closer look at Doctors Without Borders.

Rand Paul and Syria. Is Rand Paul correct in not wanting to get bogged down with another overseas conflict? Paul states Congress will vote no on Syrian intervention. Should other countries in the region step up to the plate and topple... more