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Join us as we lay it on the line. Our next president will need a skill set that will rock the nation. Will Donald Trump face any real challenger? What about Rand Paul? Will the nation come to it's senses?
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The Amanda Knox story is not over by a long shot. Knox should know in the coming weeks whether she coud be extradited back to Italy. Are there larger issues involved in this criminal case? Will politics play a role in the process? Is... more

Do curfews work? Does crime go down? Baltimore has a new tough curfew in effect. Cities and towns across the U.S. are always looking for ways to improve quality of life with respect to crime. Join us as we take a closer look at... more

Doctors without Borders have immersed themselves in areas of conflict for years. Do they also have a political role to play when they see injustice? Join us as we take a closer look at what this organization is up too.

Events in Ukraine and the Middle East are moving at a fast pace. Decisions made by Washington in the next few weeks will determine the level of engagement the Obama administration is willing to go. Has U.S. influence diminished around the... more

China's high-speed revolution has transfomed the country's economy. Passengers and goods now move vast distances in a matter of hours. Does the US have the will and investment, to mirror China's successful high-speed rail... more

Join us at the High Dome Network as we discuss the political messages that were pouring out of this summer's blockbuster. Also, we dissect what's happening around the globe.

There are thousands and thousands of zombie homes littering the landscape. Do you have a zombie home on your street? What options do residents have when these zombie homes are not maintained? This is a issue that could be affecting... more

Google has started deleting records of Europeans who ask the company under Europe's new right to be forgotten law. Will this spread to the U.S. and elsewhere? Where do you stand on the new law enacted by European Union?... more

The Syrian civil war has been a nightmare from the start. Should the U.S. have acted earlier? The Syrian conflict has now infected surrounding countries. Should the aid go to the massive humantarian problem? Join us as we disect the... more

This past Tuesday I spent a day meeting legislators and viewing up close what really happens at the Capitol building in Harrisburg. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Pennsylvania Representatives Brendan and Kevin Boyle. It... more