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Could you recognize a fake poll? Have you ever been influenced by a fake poll? The media is full of biased polls that are affecting the political discourse of this nation everyday. Fake polls tried to shape the outcome of our recent elections.... more

Can the Trump administration survive the onslaught of the Deep State? The Democrats and the left wing establishment are throwing all they have at President Trump. Are they winning or losing? Join us as we take a closer look at the... more

The non-stop nonsense about the Trump/Comey conversations will be discussed. Do these hearings about Trump/Comey meetings really warrant spending more taxpayer money? How long can the bought and sold media drag this on? Join... more

How did President Trump cause the total collapse of the bought and sold media? Will the media ever recover any ounce of respect they once had? Join us as we look at how the corporate media will stop at nothing short of destroying the very... more

Is President Trump runnning into roadblock after roadblock with his agenda? Has his agenda changed? Many hope that President Trump will fulfill his agenda on jobs and ending overseas wars. What's the future hold? Join us as we discuss... more

How long will it take the left to try to dismantle the Trump administration? The ongoing assault on President Trump will divide the nation and damage the very fabric of society. Join us as we try to go deep on what the media and the left are... more

The election this November will be the most important in recent American history. Donald Trump wants to restore law and order and respect for the Police. Hillary Clinton has a different vision of law and order. What does the average... more

The Trump/Clinton debates will finally give the voter a chance to see who will lead the nation. Will Donald Trump use the same strategy he used against Jeb Bush at the Republican debates early this year? Will Hillary press Trump for... more

The United Kingdom has entered uncharted waters with its vote for Brexit. Is it all hoopla or just alot of hot air? Markets will eventually calm down. Will the U.K vote affect what happens in U.S. election in November? Join us as we look at the... more

Will Bernie Sanders rain on Hillary Clinton's parade at the Philly convention? Bernie Sanders must know something we all don't. Can he persuade delegates to step out of the box and join the revolution? Bernie Sanders has... more